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typedef struct task
      struct task *next;
      Window win;
      Pixmap icon;
      Pixmap mask;
      char *name;
      int pos_x;
      int width;
      unsigned int focused:1;
      unsigned int iconified:1;
      unsigned int icon_copied:1;

typedef struct taskbar
      Window win;
      task *task_list;
      int num_tasks;
      int my_desktop;
      unsigned int hidden:1;
      unsigned int at_top:1;

#define MWM_HINTS_DECORATIONS         (1L << 1)
typedef struct _mwmhints
      unsigned long flags;
      unsigned long functions;
      unsigned long decorations;
      long inputMode;
      unsigned long status;

#define WIN_STATE_STICKY          (1<<0)  /* everyone knows sticky */
#define WIN_STATE_MINIMIZED       (1<<1)  /* ??? */
#define WIN_STATE_MAXIMIZED_VERT  (1<<2)  /* window in maximized V state */
#define WIN_STATE_MAXIMIZED_HORIZ (1<<3)  /* window in maximized H state */
#define WIN_STATE_HIDDEN          (1<<4)  /* not on taskbar but window visible */
#define WIN_STATE_SHADED          (1<<5)  /* shaded (NeXT style) */
#define WIN_STATE_HID_WORKSPACE   (1<<6)  /* not on current desktop */
#define WIN_STATE_HID_TRANSIENT   (1<<7)  /* owner of transient is hidden */
#define WIN_STATE_FIXED_POSITION  (1<<8)  /* window is fixed in position even */
#define WIN_STATE_ARRANGE_IGNORE  (1<<9)  /* ignore for auto arranging */

#define WIN_HINTS_SKIP_FOCUS      (1<<0)  /* "alt-tab" skips this win */
#define WIN_HINTS_SKIP_WINLIST    (1<<1)  /* not in win list */
#define WIN_HINTS_SKIP_TASKBAR    (1<<2)  /* not on taskbar */
#define WIN_HINTS_GROUP_TRANSIENT (1<<3)  /* ??????? */
#define WIN_HINTS_FOCUS_ON_CLICK  (1<<4)  /* app only accepts focus when clicked */
#define WIN_HINTS_DO_NOT_COVER    (1<<5)  /* attempt to not cover this window */

void set_bottom_strut();
void set_top_strut();
void *get_prop_data (Window win, Atom prop, Atom type, int *items);
void set_foreground (int index);
void draw_line (taskbar *tb, int x, int y, int a, int b);
void fill_rect (taskbar *tb, int x, int y, int a, int b);
void scale_icon (task *tk);
void get_task_hinticon (task *tk);
void get_task_kdeicon (task *tk);
int find_desktop (Window win);
int is_hidden (Window win);
int is_iconified (Window win);
void add_task (taskbar * tb, Window win, int focus);
void set_prop (Window win, Atom at, long val);
void move_taskbar (taskbar * tb);
void toggle_placement(taskbar * tb);
taskbar *gui_create_taskbar (void);
void gui_init (void);
void gui_draw_vline (taskbar * tb, int x);
void gui_draw_task (taskbar * tb, task * tk);
void gui_draw_clock (taskbar * tb);
void draw_dot (Window win, int x, int y);
void draw_grill (Window win, int x);
void draw_up_triangle (taskbar *tb);
void draw_down_triangle (taskbar *tb);
void gui_draw_taskbar (taskbar * tb);
task * find_task (taskbar * tb, Window win);
void del_task (taskbar * tb, Window win);
void taskbar_read_clientlist (taskbar * tb);
void switch_desk (taskbar * tb, int rel);
void handle_press (taskbar * tb, int x, int y);
void handle_focusin (taskbar * tb, Window win);
void handle_propertynotify (taskbar * tb, Window win, Atom at);
void handle_error (Display * d, XErrorEvent * ev);

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